Included with the VJ-628

  • Start-up Installation Kit 
    • Documentation 
      • Safety Information 
      • Quick Start Guide 
      • USB - User Guide and Warranty Information 
    • Ink Cartridge Assignment Stickers  
    • 8x Cleaning Cartridges 
    • Bottle of Clean 60 (Cleaning Solution) 
  • Power Cable 
  • Stand or take-up reel (Optional)


Installation Steps


Hardware Installation:

  1. Check the area before installation for space and hazards. 
  2. Confirm that the Start-Up kit contains the items listed above. 
  3. Attach the take-up reel if present and place printer on stand (Both are optional) 
  4. Remove the print head bracket. (This keeps the print head from moving during transit.) 
  5. Ensure that all packaging and tape has been removed from the printer. There is also a small foam block on the carriage rail that needs to be removed. 
  6. Connect the Ethernet cable to the printer and the router/computer. (Do not use a Cross Cable to connect the VJ628 to the router/computer) 
  7. Set the correct voltage using the selector at the rear of the printer. This will vary depending on your location.
  8. Plug in and power on the printer. 

Note: A detailed printer startup guide is included in the printer box.


Software Installation:

  1. Download and install SPM from
  2. Once SPM is installed, start the driver installation process
  3. The Mutoh Startup Wizard will now load.
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  4. Setup the printer using the steps above and connect it to your network. A picture containing graphical user interface

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  5. Search for the printer and assign it an IP Address. (Note: The default IP Address is set to
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  6. Install the Mutoh printer driver
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  7. Install VSM and perform the initial ink charge.  
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  8. Load paper and perform nozzle check and alignments