• Errors 20200 / 20230 / 20300

To resolve this error, follow the steps below:

    • First, remove your ink cartridges and power the printer off. (It is okay to turn it off for this process)
    • Next, shake your ink cartridges lightly. If the cartridge feels empty, it may be time for a new cartridge.
    • Now you can power your printer back on. Once it boots up, go ahead and reinsert your ink cartridges.
    • Next, open the top cover of your printer and find the printhead. Your printhead is a long, black box located inside the printer, to the right.
    • Once you have located the printhead, you will see that at the back are some black, plastic fins or levers. These are the "feelers" of the printhead.
    • Gently move the feelers, starting on the right and working your way to the left. They should not be sticking.

      • Warning: You may see a little bit of ink leak from your printhead. That is okay; do not be alarmed! Make sure there is no dust present in the sensor.


If you are unable to reach the feelers, try using a small non-metal object to move them from right to left.