This article covers multiple codes other than Error Code 20222

  • Errors 20211-20214 / 20221-20224 / 20231-20234

The following SC error codes will correlate to a certain ink cartridge and channel:

The error codes match the following ink cartridge colors:

        • 20211, 20221 or 20231: Cyan
        • 20212, 20222 or 20232: Black
        • 20213, 20223 or 20233: Yellow
        • 20214, 20224 or 20234: Magenta

To resolve this error, follow the steps below:

        • First, remove the ink cartridge that correlates with the error code that you are receiving from your printer and power your printer off.
        • Once removed, gently shake the correlating ink cartridge. If the cartridge feels empty, it may be time for a new cartridge.
        • Now, power the printer back on. Once the printer is back on, reinsert your ink cartridge.
        • Finally, at the back of the printhead there is a long, white switch. 
        • This is located at the right side of the printer when you open the top cover.
        • You want to press this switch twice to click it out of place and then back into place.