Below are some helpful links to walk you through the install and printing of your SG500 or SG1000 printer. If you would like we are also happy to schedule a time to do the install remotely with you and go over the basics of printing and getting started with sublimation. 

If you already  

1. Please make sure your windows updates and the Sawgrass Print Manager are up to date. 

2. From your system tray (hidden icons), at the bottom right of your computer screen,  Right click on the icon for Print Manager

3. Select manage printers

4. You will see the list of your currently installed printers. click the "Setup New Printer" button to add your new printer. 

5. Select your printer model from the dropdown menu

6. After you make your selection hit the install button

7. You will get a popup letting you know print manager will need to restart after installing the printer, hit OK

8. Accept the license agreement, and hit next

 9. Select the option for add a new printer and hit next

10. Select how you wish to connect to the printer

11. If you selected Connect to a printer port or LAN, then select search for printers automatically and hit next

12. Confirm the items listed on the next screen then hit next. If you have not setup the printer for a wireless connection but wish to do so please see our article on setting up wireless here

13. You will get a popup box letting you know it is searching the network for your printer

14. Once the printer is found select it from the list and click next

15. On the next screen you will have the option to change the name of the printer if you do not like the default on it is assigned, this can be helpful if you have more than one of the same printer model. After changing the name hit continue

16. You will see an install status bar pop up and various text will display along with a green progress bar letting you know how that portion of the install is going

17. The next screen will be for initial settings of the print driver, hit set now

18. On the next screen hit OK

19. You will now get an install completed message. choose the option for restart now and then hit the finish button. We highly recommend restarting the computer to ensure all the settings apply correctly. 

20. Once the computer has restarted you should be able to print the same as you were for your previous Sawgrass printers using the Sawgrass Print Manager. 

If you run into any issues along the way please feel free to reach out.