SG500 & SG1000 FAQs

  • What paper do you recommend with the SG500 or SG1000?
    1. If you have used a Sawgrass printer in the past it will take the same papers you are used to. We recommend our JP Brand Paper but Neenah Jetcol and Texprint will work well too.
  • What Paper settings do I use for JP Paper?
    1. We recommend the Type A or J15120-21 S-RACE for paper settings in the Print Manager
  • I haven’t done much printing but I am already out of ink.
    1. If you bought the system with the Starter ink set you will see less prints than if you purchase the standard or extended ink set options. The starter inks are estimated at 100 pages but results will vary based on the design and the print settings you choose.


For those already using Sawgrass Print Manager for other printers

  • I have a bypass tray from the SG400 or SG800 will it work with my new printer?
    1. Yes, the SG800 bypass tray will work with the SG1000 printer and the SG400 bypass tray will work with the SG500 printer. For the SG500 there is a noise barrier that needs to be removed before installing the bypass tray. There are instructions for this on the Sawgrass website.
  • I have an older printer such as the SG400 and the new printer (SG500 or 1000) colors don’t match that
    1. The SG500 and SG1000 use a new ink that differs from inks used with previous models of printers. With this you could see some variance in color output.
    2. We recognize that for some customers the color output may vary more than they were expecting. We have shared this feedback with Sawgrass and they are looking into it.
  • Why don’t I see the Media Street 31lb setting?
    1. Sawgrass is still testing this paper to develop the settings for it. If you are using JP Paper we recommend the Type A or J15120-21 S-RACE for paper settings in the Print Manager
  • I Installed my SG500/ SG1000 and now my other printers that use Print Manager will not print.
    1. In rare instances the print manager won’t recognize all the printers after adding the SG500 or SG1000. We have found that restarting your computer and waiting up to 1 hour for the computer to recognize the printers again typically resolves the issue. If not uninstalling and reinstalling the Sawgrass Print Manager may be necessary