When iColor printer customers install the ProRIP onto a Windows 11 computer, or if they are already running ProRIP and then update their operating system to Windows 11, there is a periodic issue that may occur when the USB printer connection is used to print with through ProRIP.

Usually this issue shows multiple USB connections within the printer port setting of ProRIP. There will be up to 5-6 different USB connections listed as available in the port setting. Each USB connection will list the printer name and then the USB port number at the end of it. Ordinarily, the USB port that also lists the name of the printer is the correct USB port connection to use when utilizing the USB connection in ProRIP. However in this instance, the Printer name/USB port # will be listed up to 5-6 times and none of the listings will allow the print to go through to the printer.

This issue occurs most often with the iColor 560 printer model. The remedy to fix this issue is to download and install the Ricoh C301W print driver from the Ricoh support web page: http://support.ricoh.com/bb/html/dr_ut_e/re2/model/pc300w/pc300w.htm

Make sure to have the ProRIP software shut down completely before installing the Ricoh print driver. 

Once the driver is installed, Open ProRIP back up and check the printer port setting by going to Queue > Manage queue, then check the pulldown list in the Port column of the Queue Manager window. If connected properly, there should be only 1 USB port listing that includes the printer name. This port should now be correct and allow printing through the USB connection.

If the USB listing still does not appear correct, double check that the USB cable is running directly from the computer to the printer. Do not run the USB connection a USB hub or other USB devices. The computer may also need to be restarted in order for the Ricoh driver to take effect on the ProRIP port settings as well.

If you still continue to have trouble with this issue, or have additional questions, please reach out to JPPlus Advanced Support.