The iColor ProRIP software has two different areas that can have updates available. One does not affect the other, so both need to be checked and run individually to ensure the software is completely up to date. Each update should be checked regularly to ensure best performance.  

iColor ProRIP Software Update

The first update is for the overall ProRIP software. This update is important for fixing any performance issues with the ProRIP software, as well as gaining any new available software features.

To check for updates on the ProRIP, go to Help > Check for Updates.

iColor ProRIP Print Queue Updates

The second update is for the ProRIP Print Queues. This update is important for fixing any performance issues dealing specifically with the transfer of the color toners onto the transfer paper types. They also address setting changes and improvements for better print results on iColor print medias, as well as add in new media types if new medias are available from iColor. 

To check for print queue updates, go to Devices > Manage Devices. 
Select your printer in the Manage Devices Window, click the "globe" button at the top.