1. With your job selected in your print queue you will want to click on the "jobs" tab at the top of the software and "job color replacement".

2. Select a color in your artwork by clicking it on it with your mouse which looks like an eye dropper. This will show you the values of your selected color in the “input” section.


3. In the “output” section you can type in your new color values. (For white, leave the CMY at 0 and change only the White to 100)

4. Click on the “+” next to the output values. This will show your values at the bottom of the window under “Color Replacements”.

5. Click “Apply” to apply the new color to your job. This will automatically close you out of this window.


6. To preview your color changes before printing click on the “Color Replacement Preview” button at the top of the screen.

7. This may take a moment to load, but the image will change to show the color replacements that you have made to your image. (Please Note: The color shift is not an accurate depiction of the printed job colors. This is only a preview to show that your color replacement was accepted.)