Printing with the roll paper on the Epson F570 printer is normally more efficient and economical than printing with sheet-fed paper. However there are times that it may make more sense to print with sheet media instead of using the roll paper. In such cases, this article outlines how to use sheet media in the Epson F570 printer using the Epson driver.

Note: This example is shown using the Epson driver for the Epson F570 Printer. These directions are not applicable when using the Epson Edge RIP software.

Set up the Auto Sheet Feeder on the printer by opening the front half of the paper loading cover on top of the printer.

Move the Auto Sheet Feeder tray into the open position.

Extend the back panels so that the sheet paper will be supported once installed into the tray.

Load the sheet paper into the tray. Load one sheet or a few sheets at a time to prevent the printer from double feeding multiple sheets or causing paper jams. Adjust the inner blue paper guides so they meet the edges of the sheet paper.

The Auto Sheet Feeder settings screen should appear on the touch screen of the printer once a sheet is loaded into the tray. Adjust the paper size setting on the touch screen to match the paper size loaded in the tray.

Note: The roll paper should not need to be uninstalled when using the Auto Sheet Feeder.

In the artwork layout software, set up or adjust the layout/canvas dimensions to match the dimensions of the sheet paper that is loaded into the Auto Sheet Feeder. Set up the artwork as needed in the artwork layout software.

When ready to print, Click File > Print in the top navigation bar of the artwork layout software. In the print dialog box, select the F500 Series print driver. Then select the "Preferences/Properties" button.

In the Epson driver Properties screen, select the pulldown menu arrow for the "Source" and select "Auto Sheet Feeder".

Select the "Settings" button in the Document Size area.

In the "Change Paper Size" window, select the pulldown arrow next to "Document Size". Go into the sub menus and select the appropriate document size setting for the sheet paper loaded into the Auto Sheet Feeder tray. Once selected, click "OK" in the "Change Paper Size" window.

In the Epson Properties screen, double-check that all settings are set correctly:

  • The Document Size and Output Size should be the same value and be set to the paper size that is loaded in the Auto Sheet Feeder tray. 
  • "Source" should be set to "Auto Sheet Feeder". 
  • There should be a paper icon in the printer illustration/diagram on the right side of the window. 
  • "Paper Size" should read the dimensions of the selected paper size. 

Once all settings are confirmed, click "OK" at the bottom of the window. 

In the print dialog box, click "OK" to send the print to the printer. 

The Epson Preview Screen should appear. The preview in this dialog box should preview the artwork on a sheet of paper. Examine the preview to ensure the artwork appears as it is intended for the print job. Once confirmed, click the "Print" button at the top of the window to send the job to the printer.