When printing on the Epson F570 printer through the Epson driver using the roll paper, a common concern is that the full width of the roll paper is not being utilized during printing. This can lead to wasted space on the roll paper. In order to take advantage of the full width of the roll paper, this article will walk through one way to solve this issue - by setting up and using Custom Paper Sizes.

Note: This example is shown using the Epson driver for the Epson F570 Printer. These directions are not applicable when using the Epson Edge RIP software.

The first step to utilizing the full width of the Epson roll paper is to set or adjust the layout size in you design software. Adjust the canvas or layout dimensions to be the same dimensions you intend to print your entire job. Next, place your artwork and copy/paste as needed or load multiple images and arrange to fill the space. 

Once the space is filled in the layout software, next go to File > Print. Select the F500 Series driver. Then select the "Properties" or "Preferences" button next to the printer name. 

In the Epson Driver settings window, Select the Custom Paper Size button to create a custom paper size that is the same dimensions as the layout you created in you design software.

Set the dimensions of the paper (W and H), give the paper size a name, make sure "inch" is selected, Click the Save button. You will then see your new paper size appear in the list to the left. Then click "OK".

Now select the "Settings" button just above the Custom Paper Size button. 

Click the pull down menu and select the new paper size you just created at the end of the list. Then click "OK". 

The Document Size and Output Size should now be the same value and also be set to the custom paper size that was just created.

Click "OK" to save the new settings and exit the window. You can now click print. Once the Epson preview has come up, make sure that the layout looks the way you expect it to look before clicking the Print button in the Epson Preview screen.