These are the steps needed to make a queue with a background color so you can see your white images or if you want to make sure an imported image does not have a white background.


  • Open you iColor ProRIP software
  • Go to the “Queue” pull down menu at the top of your screen
  • Select “Manage Queues”
    1. In the “Queue Manager” select the Overprint Queue
    2. Then select the “Copy Queue” button

  • In the “Queue Copy Options” add a name to the queue you duplicated
  • Select “OK”



  • This is optional. Select the “Move Up” button to move the copied queue up next to the Overprint Queue


  • Click once on the new queue to highlight it in blue
  • Click on the grey box with (…)








  • In the Queue Properties box select the White Box


  • Select a color that you would like the background to be. In this case we are picking light blue
    1. Note – It is recommended to pick a lighter color. The background color will affect the way the color is seen in the preview. It will NOT affect the actual print color.
  • Select OK

  • After selecting OK, you will be back to the Queue Manager
  • Select Close
  • Your new queue will appear