Congratulations on your purchase of your new iColor 250 printer. This guide will help you understand what to get ready before your installation and training and what your training will consist of.

The first thing we ask is that you have the following ready before your installation appointment. The printer comes with a quick start guide, but you an also download it along with the user manual from or select this link

  • Before removing printer from box. Remove box containing hardware for the printer.
    1. Inspect that all parts are there and nothing is broken
  • Remove printer from box
  • Remove blue tape and clear protective plastic that is on the lid
  • Open lid and remove foam and ink cartridge
  • Install the Roll Holder
  • Install Ink
  • Install knife
  • Install Material
  • iColor CustomCut Software – For Windows PC only (Windows 7 / 8 / 10 only)
    1. Most recent version of the software can be downloaded from or you can install from the USB thumb drive
    2. System Requirements
      • Intel i5-i7 2.6-3.0GHz
      • Storage 500 SSD (Recommended) or HDD
      • RAM 8-12 GB
    3. Note: If you are running a MAC system, you will need to run a windows base system as in Parallels or Bootcamp. Please understand we are not involved in installing these programs this is customers responsibilities.
  •  USB port is needed to run the printer. The printer is USB connection only.


With your purchase, you will receive full training on the iColor CustomCut and installation of the software if needed. With your training, you can expect to learn the basics of CustomCut which will be enough to get you printing successfully. You will learn the following:

  • Importing images
  • How to work with different file formats
    1. Vector – PDF, EPS, AI, and SVG
    2. Flat file (raster image) – JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, and GIF
  • How to create contour and bleed cuts
  • Material
  • How to store your ink
  • iColor PrintHub
    1. Cut Offsets
    2. Knife Pressure
    3. Stretch Factor
  • Printing a Test Print