* Note - The gold and silver toners only will work in the iColor 560 and iColor 650 printers. 

  • Turn OFF Printer
  • Remove black or white toner cartridge
  • Place toners in the following order from back to front.
    1. Cyan
    2. Magenta
    3. Yellow
    4. Gold or Silver Toner

  • Turn printer ON
  • Open iColor ProRIP software
  • Select CMYK queue
  • Import Image
  • Select  “Job Color Replacement” Tab





  • With the eyedropper tool select color that you want to print Gold or Silver to 100% Black.
    1. You have to do one color at a time if multiple colors are being changes
    2. Note – Even if your image is already Black, make sure through the Job Color Replacement that the color is printing 100% black.
  • Select the (+) button to apply color change
  • After changing desired colors to black select “Apply”

  • If desired, select the bird with the green check above the preview window to see changes



Now print your Image