Congratulations on your purchase of your new iColor printer! In order to make the install process as smooth and efficient as possible, please review this pre-install checklist PRIOR TO your scheduled install date and time.

This guide will help you understand the items to have prepared before your installation as well as preview what the training will consist of.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Advanced Support Team by calling 419-500-4877 or email at

System Requirements

  • Intel i5-i7 2.6-3.0GHz
  • Storage 500 SSD (Recommended) or HDD
  • RAM 8-12 GB
  • Internet Connection

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows PC only (Windows 7 / 8 / 10 only)- required for iColor ProRIP software
    1. Note: If you are running a MAC system, you will need to run a windows base system as in Parallels or Bootcamp. Please understand we are not involved in installing these programs this is customer’s responsibilities.

Before your Install

The printers come with a Quick Start Guide. Please follow the steps needed to prepare the printer for installation.

  • Remove all orange tape on the outside of the printer.
  • Remove orange security tape inside the printer.
  • Remove orange security tape and lock from inside printer (iColor 800 only).
  • Remove the White cartridge and remove protective foam from inside the machine and protective film from the white cartridge and reinstall (iColor 550 and 560 only).
  • Uninstall all cartridges and remove protective orange film from each cartridge (iColor 600 and iColor 650 only).
    1. IMPORTANT: Please make sure to place the cartridge on a table or flat surface away from the printer. It is possible that toner can spill.
  • Plug in printer and power on – if an error occurs, contact us immediately.
  • Acquire proper connection cable (High Speed USB v2.0, or 10/100-TX Ethernet).
  • If setting printer up wirelessly – Have WiFi Password ready (iColor 560 and iColor 650 only). If you are using Laptop, please make sure that you have the correct amount of USB ports available (minimum two ports). In order for the ProRIP to work, the dongle must be plugged into the computer while installing and running the software.


  • Be sure that you received your FREE 2-Step transfer paper (A foil and B adhesive sheets) for training purposes.
  • Dedicated Electrical Circuit – The printers take a lot of power to run. An inadequate power source can cause printing issues and even damage your printer. See printer specifications for minimum required power.


Tasks and Info to be covered during the Install

With your purchase, you will receive full training on the iColor ProRIP and installation of the software if needed. With your training, you can expect to learn the basics of the RIP software which will allow you to create successful prints. You will learn the following:

  • Possible Connection issues and how to adjust Ports in Queues.
  • Importing images and artwork.
  • Different Printing Queues, their purposes, and when to use them (not an option on iColor 800).
  • Print Queues may include:
    1. Overprint
    2. Underprint
    3. CMYK
  • Paper selection:
    1. What papers work with what printers.
    2. Which paper tray to use – Tray 1 or Bypass Tray.
  • Job Tab options:
    1. Copies
    2. Cropping
    3. Duplicate
    4. Color Adjust
  • Jobs pull down menu:
    1. Job Color Replacement and Preview
    2. Production Plug-ins for removing artwork/image color:
      • KnockMeBlackOut
      • KnockMeColorOut
  • Rasterization:
    1. What is “with Holes” and its purpose.
    2. What is “with Stripes” and its purpose.
    3. Rasterizing Adjustments in Color Adjust.
    4. Rasterizing Strips – How to change the stripe angle.
  • Partial Transparency – what it’s for and how to turn it off.
  • ProRIP image previewing before printing – “RIP only” and “View Raw Data”.
    1. This function does not reflect accurate color previewing, but for overall print preview.
  • Knowing the correct side to print on with the 2-Step paper “A foil” sheet.
  • Changing the position of the toners to match the Print Queue (must turn off printer).
  • How to store your paper.
  • Printing a Test Print.

After your training, you will receive the following:

  • Email link for iColor ProRIP instructional video.
  • Word document with three video links and suggested heat press settings for beginners. The video will also demonstrate the correct and incorrect way of completing the A-B sheet marrying process, as well as techniques that will ensure a successful transfer.

Note: We like to have you try this on your own first. If you have issues, we ask that you call or email AST and we will then help you adjust your settings based off of your results. This can be a time consuming process so we will ask that you make an appointment, email, or submit a ticket and we will contact you to help with the adjustment process.


Please remember, this is not a plug-and-play technology. It may take some time and practice to master the process. Each paper will have a small learning curve- 2 Step, 1 step, and hard surface paper all have different techniques and settings.


Optional Topics

  • Tips and Tricks for creating designs and layouts for printing.
  • Color Management Tips and Tricks for graphics.
  • Tips and Tricks relating to layout/design software.