Go to the “Home Screen” on your printer

Press “User Tools”

Then press “Machine Features”

Now choose “Printer Features”

Then select “System”

Press the “Next Button” at the bottom of the screen

Select “Tray Setting Priority”

Make sure all three trays are set to “Driver Command”

If they are not, change them to say “Driver Command”

**Be sure to have about 10 pieces of paper in the tray you are wanting to print from**

**After the adjustment have been made, exit out back to the printer home screen. Recommend turning printer off and back on** 

**Now when you are printing from the ProRIP software, be sure that you are choosing the 2 Step Standard paper and not the 2 Step Standard 800 paper**

Below is a look at how the Queue tab will look when using Tray 2 with 11x17 paper. The only changes will need to be made are Paper Size and Input Tray.