JP450 JTrans Mug Press

Setting up for Constant Temperature Settings


  1. Plug mug press into the wall, turn it on, and wait for the 4 second count down to end


  1. Press the “Mode” button twice, the set and temp lights will be on, so you can set the Operating/Transfer Temp to desired temp



  1. Press the “Mode” button again, the set and time lights will be on, this is how many seconds you want to have the item in your mug press


  1. Press the “Mode” button twice, the set light will be the only light on, this will allow you to bring the Park Temp up to the same temp as the Operating/Transfer Temp.


  1. Once these are set, when you place the substrate in the press, be sure to press the “Green” button before closing the press to get the timer to start counting down properly.


  1. After the time as gone by and the buzzer goes off, open the press and push the “Green” button three times to get the buzzer to stop and the press to reset ready for the next substrate.