This document will show you the steps to duplicating an image multiple times and having the printer cut between images.

Step 1 – Import you image or images


Step 2 – Select “Basic Settings” tab and then change “Auto Cut” to “Cut per Page”

Step 3 – Select the “Layout” tab and then in the “Copies” column change that number to an amount of copies that will fit the images across the page. For this image, that number is 2. After you have the number you want, then select the “Nest” button.


Step 4 (Optional) – If you need to add space between the images “left” click on the right image and then go to the “Horizontal” column and push the up arrow and your image will move slightly to the right.      Note: If you have multiple images you will need to move each image.

Step 5 – After you get your layout or page the way you want it “left click” on the “Nesting Job” tab under the Job list. This will turn both columns blue.

Step 6 – Right click on the “Nesting Job” tab under the Job list and then go down to “Copy”. Repeat until you get the desired amount of prints that you need. For this job we needed 8 prints so we did the copy option 4 times.

Step 7 – Left Click on the top column, push and hold the “Shift Key” and now select the bottom column. Now all the columns that you want to print should show blue on the right and the preview should show all images that are going to be printed.

Step 8 – Select “Print” and your images will start to print and the printer will cut between each set of images where the Yellow cut lines are in the image below.