When printing with a toner-based printer such as the iColor printers, occasionally specks of dirt, dust, toner, etc. can become stuck to rollers inside the printer. The most common place for this issue to occur is within the rollers of the fuser unit. Specks on rollers can cause print quality issues and therefore must be cleaned out as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

A very quick and simple procedure to help clean the rollers off is done by printing multiple blank sheets (no toner deposited to the paper) using normal copy paper. It is recommended to run at least 20-30 blank sheets of normal copy paper through the printer to effectively clean off the rollers. It is possible to use 5-10 pieces of normal copy paper and rotate through them repeatedly for the 20-30 total print cycle.

Using iColor ProRIP software, follow these simple steps to perform this procedure:

  • Select a print job in your job list. Select job tab at bottom right of screen, select Crop button.

  • In the crop window, drag the marquee lines in to a transparent (white) space within your design. Then click "Create" button.
    • IMPORTANT: Make sure the space you choose within the graphic is actually transparent and is NOT a white background to make sure white toner will not print within your cropped area for this procedure.

  • Your artwork should now show only the transparent (white) space you have just cropped in on within the preview window (1). Now select the Page tab on bottom right (2). Set the number of copies to be 20-30 copies (3). Select your job again in the job list (4). Click the print button to send the job to your printer (5).

Doing this procedure will charge and heat up the printer rollers to help work off any debris but you will not waste any toner in doing so.


This procedure can be repeated as many times as is necessary to help clean out the printer. If this procedure does not fix the issue, especially after multiple attempts, contact the JPP Advanced Support Team to further assist in diagnosing and resolving the issue.