Product templates are a simple tool that help aid in setting up product fabrication and personalization jobs. JPPlus provides templates for each product as a free download in multiple formats so that customers can quickly and easily setup and adjust graphics to fit the product they are working with, saving time and minimizing waste through trial-and-error test fabrication. 

DISCLAIMER: JPPlus product template files may experience compatibility issues when used on certain brand-specific graphic programs such as Sawgrass Creative Studio, Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, etc. In such cases, JPPlus product templates may need to be utilized for reference only. For questions, please contact the JPPlus Advanced Support Team.

Step 1: To use a template, first download the product template located on the product’s webpage within the downloads section. 

Step 2: Select the file format that works best with your graphics software. The file will download right away. 

Step 3: Next, import or open your artwork into your graphics software.

Step 4: Resize and reposition your graphics as needed to fit the product. Utilize the template lines that work best for transferring/fabricating your graphics onto the final product.

  • The inner orange line (Safety Area) is the "safe" area where all graphics and text should fit without the risk being cut off on or near the edges of the product. 
  • The middle cyan line (Print Area) represents the edges of the physical product. 
  • The outer magenta line (Bleed) is the area where the graphic can bleed (or overlap/protrude past) the physical edges of the product to ensure an edge-to-edge print on some or all sides of the product. 
  • The gray (No Type/Print Area) represents the area of a product where graphics or type may not fabricate or transfer onto the product within that space. The gray spaces are only applicable to some products and therefore may not be present on some product templates. 
  • All template lines should be hidden or deleted before sending the artwork to your printer or output device. 

Step 5: If needed, copy and paste or step and repeat the template and graphics as needed to maximize available page space when creating multiples of the same product. 

Step 6: After completing the graphics setup, hide or delete all template lines to prevent them from being printed or fabricated onto the product. The rest of the template information should also be hidden or deleted before printing.