Epson Cost Calculator

Follow this link to the Epson support page to download the cost calculator


Scroll down and click on Utilities


Once you click on Utilities, the LFP Accounting Tool v1.7.6 is what will need to be downloaded

Once it is downloaded, there will be the following icon on your computer

You will need to open the Accounting tool and add your printer

Once your printer is added, click on Price settings and a new window opens

You will need to set the Media, Ink, and Other costs.

                Media that comes with the Epson is DS Transfer General Purpose/Textile and Rigid

                You will need to set the Width and Length along with Price.

                For the Ink cost, check the register all colors box, then put the price in, hit register.

                Other Cost is where you put in the Item you are going to be sublimating on to and the Price of the item