If you have an appointment with a Johnson Plastics Plus technician to assist with the install please complete the steps 1- 21 to complete the initial ink charge. If this is not complete prior to the install appointment your time may need to be rebooked as this process can take a fair amount of time. 

1.    Place box and printer in location you are going to put the printer

2.    Open the box and remove all materials and packaging (be sure to get the maintenance kit from packaging)


3.    Remove plastic from around printer and place on table or optional stand


4.    Here is a picture of all the consumables that come with the printer


5.    Remove all blue tape from the printer as outlined in the “Unpack” steps 2-14 of the “Start Here” brochure included with the printer. 


6.    Open the ink tank area and fill the inks one at a time. Shake inks gently for 5 seconds, remove cap and install over proper color spot. Ink will stop filling once at the top line on window. This is outlined in steps 1-10 of the “Fill Ink Tanks” Sections in the “Start Here Brochure”


7.    Close lid for inks and plug printer into the wall and turn on.


8.    Language select will come on and then an information screen come up


9.    Choose Date format and set date ( YYYY,MM,DD or MM,DD,YYYY or DD,MM,YYYY)


10.    Choose Time Format and set time (12 or 24 hour)


11.    You will see a screen show Preparing, then an information screen, hit proceed. 


12.    The next screen will have you verify inks are full then press start to start ink charge


13.    Ink charge will take anywhere from 30 – 75 minutes (average is 40 minutes)


14.    After the ink charge is complete, you will see the home screen


Refilling Inks after Initial charge

15.    Refill the inks, it will not go back to the top line using the first set of ink bottles but it will give you the option to manual set ink level, if you don’t fill to the top with the second set of ink.


16.    The screen will prompt you to set the ink levels after refilling


17.    You will be prompted to choose which inks you are setting after the refill


18.    You will be asked if ink is to top line. Yes if topped off or no if needing to manual set levels


19.    If you press No, an information screen comes up showing where you can set you ink levels to


20.    Then you will be prompted before every ink with an empty bar until you adjust the level  

21.    Once levels are set, the screen will confirm levels are set

Installing Roll Media

22.    While on the home screen, choose paper setting

23.    Choose type of paper being used, in this instance choose roll paper


24.    The screen will prompt you to load the roll paper


25.    Open the Cover over the back of the printer where the sheet paper and roll paper go in at


26.    Remove the roll paper roller


27.    Remove clear media holder to install roll paper


28.    Install the roller with paper back into printer, feed paper into printer until you hear a beep


29.    Close the cover over the paper


30.    Then choose your media type for the roll paper on the screen and allow it to load the paper


31.    The home screen will now show your paper type and width


32.    Now go to the link below to download the drivers


33.    Scroll down and click on “Drivers” 

34.    Download the “Drivers and Utilities Combo Package Installer 

a.    This contains the Printer Drivers and Software Updater


35.    You will be asked to allow Epson to make changes, click YES 

36.    Then you will be informed that the file contains the installer needed, click OK 

37.    Now the F-Series installer will prompt you to finalize the install

a.    Choose the language 

b.    End User Agreement

c.    Which software to install, keep all boxes checked 

d.    Click Install

38.    After the install from the web, you will setup the Printer, click NEXT

a.    It will ask to confirm your Ink is Charged 

i.    If it is then click the check box and click next

ii.    If it is not, then do so now

39.    Now choose your connection type 

a.    Choices are Wireless, Direct USB, or Wired network.

i.    Now follow the directions on the screen

1.    It will let you know when the printer is found

40.    Click “Set up Printer for the first time” they click Next 

41.    Once your printer is set up, it will ask for you to “Register Product”

a.    You can register now or Cancel and be reminded in 14 days

42.    Once that is done, the install wizard will tell you that it is complete 

43.    Now you will have these icons on your desk top and can print to your new Epson