iColor 550 Set Up and Basic Overview

1.    Bring the printer into the room where you want to set it up 

2.    Open the box and remove the contents and place on a table or desk 


        a.   Be sure to pull out the black toner and the cables and manual from the sides of printer

3.    Remove the packaging from around the printer and the ProRIP software along with install guide. 

a.    Remove all the tape from the outside and inside of the printer.  

4.    Your printer is now ready to connect and start the install process       

5.    Now you can plug your printer in and turn it on.

a.    Be sure to also choose how you are connecting your printer, directly to your computer with a USB cable or to your network with an Ethernet cable.


6.    Turn Printer on by pushing the power button on the left side

a.    The display on the printer will go through a set up     


i.    The red light is because there is no paper in the printer at this point

7.    Now you need to open the ProRIP Software case and take the dongle (USB) out.


a.    Every dongle (USB) has a different number


8.    Insert the dongle into an open USB port on your computer 

a.    You may want to get a USB hub so you can plug multiple USB drives into one port

9.    Once your computer does its checks on the dongle, the files will be available to see 

a.    Double click on the ProRIP software folder to open it

10.    Another set of folders are now available 

a.    Double click on the iColor ProRIP v2 folder

11.    Now double click on the iCPro application file 

12.    A user account control window will pop up asking to verify CADlink to make changes, click YES 

13.    The CADlink install wizard will start, choose the language you wish to use 

14.    A UniNet Logo will pop up and an loading bar, this stays up for just a few seconds. 

15.    You will then be instructed to connect the Dongle, this has already been done.

a.    Press the next button

16.    Now you will need to choose either the 32-bit or 64-bit type 

a.    64-bit is the recommended type, click next

17.    Welcome to install wizard come up, click next 

18.    The license agreement comes up next, click except and next 

19.    Next you will choose Full install or only product plug-ins 

a.    Being the first time installing, Choose Full install

20.    Now you can change where the folder will be saved at, click next 

a.    It will have a folder preset or you can adjust it

21.    The next screen shows you where an icon will be placed, click next 

a.    You can change where you want the icon placed

22.    Now the install of the ProRIP soft will start 

23.    After the install is complete, press finish 

24.    You now have the iColor ProRIP v2 icon on your desk top 

25.    Double Click the ProRIP icon to open it

26.    A First Time Setup pop up will come up, make any adjustments to display units decimal placed

27.    Next the Create Queue Wizard comes up, press next 

28.    Now you will need to press Install Printer 

29.    From here you will choose UniNet iColor 550 v2, Press OK 

30.    Next you will be on ‘Add Printer’ 

a.    Choose the way you wish to get your printer package(s)

31.    Once the “Device Package” is loaded, it will show the Printer on the printer default page

32.    Click “next” and the iColor ProRIP should start.

33.    Once it starts, you will see the RIP software for the first time


34.    From here you will need to go to “Queue” at the top of the screen and Click on it 

35.    Then you will need to click “Manage Queues” 

36.    Your queue manager will appear with your three 550 queues 

37.    You will need to change the “Port” in which the queues are printing to 

a.    Default port is “File” you will need to change to TCP/IP or USB depending on how you are connected.

38.    When choosing TCP/IP for connection type:

a.    Click TCP/IP

b.    A window will pop up and start searching your network for printers

c.    Once iColor 550 show up, click on it then click OK


d.    Now your “Port” will show TCP/IP and the IP address it is assigned to

e.    You can now close the Queue Manager and start working with the ProRIP

39.    When choosing USB for connection type:

a.    Click on UniNet iColor 550v2_USB001+ 

i.    The USB001+ part could be different depending on what port your USB cable is plugged in to

b.    Your “Port” will now show UniNet iColor 550v2_USB001+ 

c.    Now you will be able to close the Queue Manager and be able to print from the RIP software.