Below is a list of accessories for sublimation that may be needed or helpful to complete your finished products. 

Blowout Paper- Blowout paper is used to protect your heat press and items you are pressing from ink bleed through from the transfer sheet during the pressing process. A number of things can be used as blowout paper such as normal copy paper, scrap sublimation paper, butcher paper, etc... Basically any sacrificial paper that will accept heat. 

Heat Tape – Essential for securing your item to the printed transfer. It helps prevent ghosting caused by paper shift. It comes in various widths and and colors. For fabric the clear heat tape is recommended. Sometimes the green heat tape will sublimate a fain green image from the tape on the fabric.

Teflon Sheet – These are used in conjunction with your heat press on the bottom platen and top platen to protect the press from ink and other debris, it will also help distribute heat evenly. 

Vapor Foam Kit – This was developed for sublimation on fabric, its purpose is to help prevent press and paper lines on fabric/garments. The main idea behind it is to cut the foam smaller than the transfer paper but larger than the printed image, beveling all 4 corners is required as well as using little pressure on you heat press to see the best results.

Green Heat Pad – This is used for items that are not completely flat and help with heat conduction over items that have contours. It also helps to prevent ceramic and glass items from breaking.

Nomex Felt Pad – This is used for items that are not completely flat and prevents paper from sticking and minimizes breakage, good for use with ceramic tiles, glass items, cutting boards and photo slates.

Silicon Pad – This can be an alternative to the Green Heat Pad or Nomex Felt Pad, used for items that are not completely flat. Good for use with small ceramic tiles, porcelain ornaments and photo slates. These do have a life span and are not as durable as the Green Heat Pad & Nomex Felt Pad.

Shrink Sleeves – For use with water bottles and tumblers, this product will allow you 360’ complete coverage. Items with handles are limited near the handle but can do a full bleed from top to bottom. These are best used in conjunction with a convection oven.

Adhesive Spray – This can be used in pace of heat tape, although we find heat tape works better for most applications. Always make sure you get the low tack reposition-able spray, simply the fastest and easiest way to achieve higher quality sharper images during the transfer process. When applied it will keep the transfer from moving while pressing, prevents ghosting. Lightly mist the transfer before applying to the garment.